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Xenonauts 2 description

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 Xenonauts 2 is about a clandestine organization upon which the player takes, getting ready to fight an alien invasion. It is a challenging and deeply engaging game of strategy that will raise the question of the abilities of the player to hold the humanity together for enough long time in order to succeed and get rid of the extraterrestrial threats once and forever.

Established to be released during the spring of this year, in March 2019, Xenonauts is already offering Early Access even in January of the same year, in order to gain best chances to improve – according to its developers and publishers, Goldhawk Interactive – to offer a polished experience, highly enjoyable for its players, at the moment when it will be officially launched for every platform worldwide.

Xenonauts 2 Story

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Xenonauts-2 is coming up as the predecessor of the already beloved and acclaimed Xenonauts: Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator, and, as a sequel for the freshly mentioned game, Xenonauts 2 is getting lots of inspiration in every aspect from the classic X-Com strategy games that you can remember since the 1990s. While Xenonauts 2 is not a chronological successor to the first Xenonauts game, it actually represents an updated story of similar events.

 Therefore, Xenonauts 2 is telling the story of an action taking place in an alternative timeline, a dimension where the end of the Cold War has been prevented by decades of interference of aliens. As a result, the Soviet Bloc and NATO have been left teetering on the edge of a nuclear war ready to come up along with hundreds of catastrophes. In such circumstances, you will be controlling a multi-national organization of military nature, one that will have to defend the planet, to recover technologies, to research captured artifacts and learn about new solutions and equipment to be unlocked for faster successfully completed missions. Conclusively, your role, as a player, will be holding the humanity together for as long as it will take in order to resist and defeat the alien threat forever.

Xenonauts 2 Mechanics

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Game mechanics are very engaging in Xenonauts 2, allowing the player to make even more interesting decisions. There are new concepts introduced, amongst which we can count strategic operations and regional infiltration levels, all allowing you to directly interfere with the funding regions – and all these aspects are still being integrated into the Geoscape mechanics of the game, promising to offer the best gameplay experience to the most exquisite players. Also, in comparison to the other Xenonauts games, Xenonauts 2 comes with an even more developed and extensive research tree, one that will allow each player to unlock new aircraft and equipment for the battlefield, in order to slowly unveil the origins and reveal the intentions of every invader. Exotic equipment, further developed technology and already researched equipment will help the player spare the scientists and focus on the combats with the opponents.

Furthermore, there will be missions that will determine soldiers to gain stats and improve in ranking, although you have to take care with every move, as one single wrong step can result in the death of your best fighters. Under your command, you’ll get to grow brave women and men as well, and you will have to protect them as much as possible from having their tales of becoming strong veterans being cut with cruelty by sudden bursts of plasma fire. Nonetheless, Xenonauts 2 is a turn-based realistic combat with 3D fully destructible battlefields and it has a wide range of missions, a huge selection of weapons and extremely numerous enemies to fight. Your ultimate goal will be to defend your land by coordinating your planet, researching captured artifacts to learn more about how to win and to use the help of your interceptors in order to take down the unidentified flying objects.

Xenonauts 2 Modes

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As the game is still being developed, it is hard to know already every mode that its developers are going to provide in the end. What we know for sure at this moment, is that Xenonauts 2 is a turn-based game of simulation and strategy, of defending your world and fighting alien populations.

Xenonauts 2 Technical Issues

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Technical issues have also not been reported yet, due to the reason that the game will only be released over a few months and because the game is still tested in its early access for constant improvement.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Indie, Simulation, Early Access, Strategy