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Tropico 6 description

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A game of strategy and economy, having greatly developed and expanded for the last few years, Tropico is now presented in a new form, with improved graphics and a more engaging gameplay. You will meet the president again in Tropico 6 and this time you will get the experience of four different eras while shaping the destiny of your republic.

Developed by Limbic Entertainment and expected to be released by Kalypso Media on the 29th of March this year, Tropico 6 will once again allow you to demonstrate your dictating abilities or your love for your estate, in the exotic context of Tropico republic.

Tropico 6 Story

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As the majority of top simulation and strategy games, Tropico 6 is also focused especially on the game mechanics, on how to play and to make ne achievements, on how to discover new tactics of helping the republic expand and evolve. Therefore, the story is not developed as a particular unique element of the game. There is no complex plot to stick to or legend to discover and motivate the player to unveil mysteries.

Hat players are offered, anyway, in Tropico 6, is engaging visuals of exotic islands, beautiful details added to buildings and environment and a huge archipelago to customize according to their own preferences.

Tropico 6 Mechanics

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The game mechanics of Tropic 6 are coming with a few completely new features and innovations in comparison to the previous releases of the same series. One of them will be the expansion of the game territory, which will allow the player to connect, manage and on multiple islands and, therefore, more transportation opportunities, more bridges and ne traffic networks for cars, aerial cable cars, buses, taxies, planes and other private items. A wider range of accessories provided by the game developers will allow the player to customize everything about his places, while the atmosphere of the entire Tropico 6 is going to be, this time, light, relaxed and even funny at some points.

 While the basic gameplay has not massively changed, the strategy of expanding and evolving the territory being quite similar to other releases of the series, improvements have been, anyway, made, for a more interesting experience of a simulation game. Moreover, the player will be introduced to the world of Tropico 6 as the president – El Presidente – and will need to enter new alliances, to support the society and further develop economical aspects of his territory, construct new buildings and support citizens. It will be crucial to ensure high life standards for the citizens using the police features and a unique design for the territory in order to gain the population’s favor, while managing other economical and infrastructure aspects will also be important for developing several locations and succeeding in creating the most interesting, beautiful and enjoyable group of islands on the planet. You will have to prove ingenuity and foresight as a president, to ensure citizens you’ll be a visionary leader, by addressing election speeches even with promises you’ll never be able to keep. You’ll also have an improved research system available for better information about political aspects and higher possibilities of becoming the best dictator or the most beloved president, while agents will be another interesting feature in the game mechanics, allowing you to steal ideas and blueprints from the world wonders (such as Tour Eiffel), in order to add them to your own collection and further expand your territory. In Tropico 6, it seems that your own imagination will be the limit.

Tropico 6 Modes

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Tropico 6 will allow you to explore its missions and simulation features by offering you a great online multiplayer mode, in order to test the game along with up to 3 other friends or random players.

Tropico 6 Technical Issues

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As the game core of Tropico 6 hasn’t change from the previous version, e aren’t expecting any major modifications in its technical layer either – therefore, technical issues that might occur are expected to be quickly fixed after being reported. But these aspects are yet to be seen once the game will be published and finally tried by the gamers for a final statement on this subject.

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Available on: PC, PS4, XONE

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Strategy, Simulation