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Total War: Three Kingdoms

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Total War Three Kingdoms description

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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, published by SEGA and developed by Creative Assembly, is the first recreation of epic conflicts from ancient China, from the Series with the same name. By combining real-time battles with a turn-based campaign of empire building, THREE KINGDOMS is redefining the series in a time of legends and heroes.

Promising both due to its story, graphics and gameplay, Total War: Three Kingdoms has also raised high expectations due to the numerous awards which it has been nominated for or which it has won, such as Best of E3 2018 and other multiple Best Strategy Game awards.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Story

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The story unveils in ancient China, where people need a new way of life and, therefore, search for a new emperor. So as the player and their new ruler, you will have to build a legacy able to last for the next ages, and to forge the next powerful dynasty of China. Yet, although it is a game of conquering, of conquest, of building an empire, its most special and enhancing story element is the detailed personality, motivation and preferences of each of the heroes of ancient China, as well as both the positive and negative relationships between them, which are essential factors in shaping the final end of the game story.

The main focus of the game, apart from combats, is surprisingly focusing on interconnection between characters, of relationships, friendship and adversary. It is a story of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms, where legendary heroes are inspired from the epic history of ancient China, with warriors, statesmen and commanders, each having a unique set of abilities, objectives and play style. Total War: Three Kingdoms is about armies, provinces and govern, about characters and champions that grow an empire and represent the beating heart of the entire game and of what they will build and decide about China’s upcoming future.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Mechanics

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Total War: Three Kingdoms is a turn-based game animated by real time battles and campaigns more interconnected than any time before. Each action in the battle will have major consequences and will affect the relationships of heroes, their friendships and rivalries with other characters. It will be your choice if you’ll be an exemplary leader who will gain respect and brotherly alliances to dominate enemies on political, technological, economic or military fronts, or if you will rather inflict betrayals and massive political intrigues. Completely new regarding how victory is obtained in a game, the key of succeeding in Total War: Three Kingdoms is neither being the best fighter, nor the best strategist, but building the most powerful allies and gathering most of the characters by your side.

 China’s greatest legends will be reflected as the game will keep developing, through the perspective of one of the 11 legendary warlords, and the breath-taking landscapes, natural beauties and amazing details that describe the battles taking place in subtropics, snowed mountains or arid deserts, will be recreated by best designers and developers, including those representative landmarks of China such as the Yangtze River or the Great Wall of China. And at the same time, the Chinese concept of dynamic relationships is modeled on the Guanxi System which, along with the artistic purity reflected in vibrant colors, authentic Chinese artwork, excellent UI and stunning art of combat, will create the most satisfying victory ever achieved in a game of this type.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Modes

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Total War: Three Kingdoms has a major game mode, which is, of course, multi-player. And furthermore, there will be several other items, weapons, hero classes, warlords, abilities and virtues to choose from, in order to have an even more beautiful and exciting playing experience.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Technical Issues

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Not yet released, it is difficult to anticipate the technical issues that might show up regarding the artificial intelligence, bugs or other aspects of the gameplay, especially when we have seen so much dedication coming from the developers when designing every aspect of Total War: Three Kingdoms, the opener of the Total War series. And also having so many rewards already active, our expectations have raised regarding the technical, visual and strategic performance of the game.

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Avalibe on: PC, Laptop

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Strategy, Action