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Developed and published by Ludeon Studios, RimWorld was released on the 17th of October last year, in 2018, and it is inspired by stories from Firefly and Dwarf Fortress. The game features a colony, lead by an attractive artificial intelligent storyteller.

     A science fiction game of adventure and action, RimWorld is going to bring the most interesting experience to the players, as its complex mechanics brings up several aspects of life to consider, including simulated ecology, climate, psychology, melee combat and gunplay, diplomacy, trade, biomes, interpersonal relationships and, nonetheless, medicine, arts and many others.

RimWorld Story

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     RimWorld’s story is taking players into a land situated in a very distant future, where in order to survive, people have been colonized into huge alien systems, yet due to the great number of colonies formed by the humanity, their solution didn’t keep up with the alien systems that evolve with a speed faster than light. The travel system has, therefore, encountered some serious problems, changing the course of humanity’s fate in an unexpected and unfortunate result: each colony is isolated in different places of the Universe, each trying to survive by its own.

     Furthermore, the story will have players to take control upon a part of this dissipated civilization, starting a journey towards evolution and progresses in both means of resources and survival, as well as in advancing technologies and finding better solutions for expansion and development. Commanding a space ship that crashed, landing on an unexplored planet, players will have an entire colony of untrained people to command and lead towards survival. The surviving passengers, definitely not specialists with the appropriate training, will have to learn about the place which will become their home and to develop new relationships with family members and lovers, to learn to heal their wounded arms, legs or body parts or replacing them with advanced prosthesis or bionics, to craft new structures as shelters, to catch other refugees or potential enemies and either sell them to slavery or turn them on the productive side, to get ready for different weather swings such as snow, storms or fires and, in general, to re-create the entire system of organization, economy, trade, diplomacy and living that people had on Earth, in a newer and hopefully improved manner. An important element in the storytelling of RimWorld is going to be the dynamic artificial intelligence, which can generate several different scenarios and radically different artificial intelligent personalities, which according to your actions will adjust the story drama, arcs and progresses.

RimWorld Mechanics

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     With a complex mechanic through the gameplay, just as most of the recent games of simulation but with a much more complex, motivating and immersive story, RimWorld is going to offer an enjoyable and challenging playthrough. Although you will be on new lands, you will not be limited or stuck into one space – a caravan of people, animals and prisoners will have to be rescued by you from kidnappers or space pirates, and after thoroughly exploring the new land of your new home planet, you will need to excellently manage the colony in order to be ready to fight, to build and to progress with every step taken.

     Lots of options and a friendly interface are allowing you to train animals and pets to cheer up depressed people (such as dogs and cats), to ensure food resources (cows for milk, hens for eggs and other farm animals) or simply to make a more spectacular world using exotic animals such as camels, grizzlies or alien-like mutated creatures. There will be a dynamic and responsive community in RimWorld, with people differently responding to the conditions of life you create: some of them will break down or faint if they get too stressed, they will revolt if corpses will be disrespected and unburied properly, they will cry when wounded or witnessing death of their beloved ones, they will panic in the dark and they will feel hunger and exhaustion if you don’t offer them enough rooms to get rest, food to keep living or other needs fulfilled. Every body part will be able to be affected by shoots or wounds during combats, building or working, and all effects are going to be logical, both emotional and physical, so unless you prefer to have your people dead and sad and lose productivity, you will need to heal them, to get them into surgeries and replace fingers, hands, livers, fingers and even brains and hearts. For those people you prefer, you can buy a bionic limb from organ sellers, and you will have superpowers for your colonists as well. The complexity of your options is overwhelming and will really offer you a limitless virtual world to explore opportunities and consequences of your actions.

RimWorld Modes

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     RimWorld comes in a single player mode and it is going to be a unique experience of exploration, discovery, simulation, strategy and journey.

RimWorld Technical Issues

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     Several positive reviews and almost non-existent reports of bugs, crashes, freezing or any problems with the technical behavior of RimWorld are demonstrating, apart from the unique visual experiences and immersive sounds of great quality and definition, an exemplary technical performance of the game developed by Ludeon Studios.

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Avalibe on: PC

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Strategy, Science Fiction, Symulacja, Survival