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A complex game with huge potential of expansion, Labyrinth is a turn-based card game, published in the spring of March 2016 by the same developer: Free Range Games, providing its players the adventure of assembling powerful decks of minions, bosses and heroes to fight enemy dungeons in epic 3D battles, to conquer and take loots, to defense what they have and to use new items and objects into creating their own dungeon.

It is a game that aims to offer a rich gameplay, a rich culture regarding magic and familiarity, and to become a game that will last for decades.

Labyrinth Story

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The story of Labyrinth also aims to be a complex and engaging one, crafting a diverse world of Hylea, describing jewelry from the Giant of the Northen Clans and the Creation story of star-fall and Cosmos. In Labyrinth, the player is introduced to a world where a great crack tore the sky open. With unnatural thunders shaking the realm’s farthest reaches, the peaceful nights of thousands of eyes were watched shattering into a horrible prismatic storm. And when a white star crashed to the earth, glowing bright and trailing fire, it became a huge crater with other-word-like power of thrumming and crackling. As time passed by, anyway, water from the Jarum river has filled the crater, so that it became a great lake. Pilgrims, its first visitors who followed the path of the star and who named it the Prophet’s Tear, soon discovered the powdery substance that the site was laced with, a substance that seemed to be granting strange, yet extraordinary powers. Another thing they found were the Keyrifts, which were tiny bubbles from the reality through which they could travel towards other dimensions. And as these amazing discoveries were spread into the world, a beautiful city was born and started to blossom around the rim of the crater. That city was called the City of Starfall.

 As a robust trade of Stardust has mined from the developed crater, men and women as well traveled from far lands in order to settle in the City of Starfall, the city where the diversity of cultures and races has already colored its every corner. While prosperity brought the peace that ruled over the city for several centuries, the old-age alliances and pacts started to break down. The ruling harmony and peace were being disturbed by newcomers looking forward to gaining territory for themselves, earlier settlers consolidating their power to push out enemies, and silent wars promising to begin, at nights, in the tunnels, halls and alleys of the City of Starfall, the ancient City. And therefore, every hero needs to fight for himself now, in order to survive and be crowned with victory.

Labyrinth Mechanics

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Being a card game, the mechanics is quite simple. The graphic is greatly designed for eye-taking, detailed 3D battles, yet the only way you’ll get to control the game as a player will be by building your decks and smartly controlling your cards.

There will be four different disciplines of magic, depending on the source of their power from the Cosmos, each granting a unique style of playing and a particular set of skills and abilities. Warfare, Wizardry, Faith and Skulduggery will be the classes from which you’ll get to choose your bosses and minions for defense and heroes for offense. The mechanical ingenuity of the engineers is, anyway, reflected in a unique CCG strategy, smooth controlling of the game and an easy understanding of its rules as you’ll play along during your turns.  

Labyrinth Modes

Labyrinth 05

Needless to say, as it is a turn-based card game, Labyrinth is a multiplayer game with hundreds of choices to make, lots of characters and abilities to challenge up your strategic thinking and your imagination and hundreds of cards to choose from to add to your pack, craft or buy.

Labyrinth Technical Issues

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While technical issues didn’t miss from Labyrinth, several bugs and freezing being reported, its developers themselves have encouraged every user to join the community and support the improvement of the game by offering their feedback, both positive and negative, aiming to fix everything as soon and well as possible and to offer as great experiences as they can to every player of Labyrinth.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2016

Gengre: Strategy, Fantasy, Card Game, Adventure