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Hearts of Iron IV

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Hearts of Iron IV description

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A game of strategy and simulation, Hearts of Iron IV is an experience during the most intriguing and popular conflict from the entire history of the world. The player is the one who will control everything in the game, victory itself included.

 Developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive in the summer of June 2016, Hearts of Iron IV is your opportunity to take control of any nation and use all your weapons and strategies in order to command every population you’ll decide and establish victory for those of your choice.

Hearts of Iron IV Story

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There is no actually pre-established story in Hearts of Iron IV. The story of the game is what you make it. The only thing pre-existent about the plot is represented by a few chapters of history based in the World War II conflict, yet you are going to control everything about its victories and losses, about the fighting populations and their strategies. Therefore, the story of Hearts of Iron IV is going to be written by you and by each of its player, in a different way.

Hearts of Iron IV will allow its players to take command of everything, starting with the battlefield and its every aspect and even to the entire command center, in order to choose your nation and guide it towards glory. Either by choosing war, negotiation or invasion, the power regarding WW II in its military context and the ability to change the history of the world will be held by you in Hearts of Iron IV.

Hearts of Iron IV Mechanics

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Hearts of Iron IV has, as expected, highly developed and complex mechanics, with so many choices and customizable elements that going through all of the mechanic aspects would take hours. But let’s take a look upon the major mechanics of the game and those that might seem the most interesting to some of the reviewers. For example, choosing from the greatest powers of the world to fight for in the World War II story, you’ll get unique and certain sets of equipments and authentic items and abilities for each of the nations you’ll choose, starting with Germany and going to Soviet, USA, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and others. Game visual arts won’t be missing and graphics are also a big plus.

 Another interesting and well-developed element in Hearts of Iron IV is represented by the intense combats and their strategies and equipments, all getting to be chosen by you. You will have flexible technological systems available to experience by each of the major power you’ll get to choose, for a unique identity, you will get 2D and 3D models for multiple tanks, planes, guns, ships and other equipments for massive destructions and a topographical map, all helping you turn the entire world into your complex battlefield. You will have to use storms, snow and mud in your on advantage, otherwise you’ll have a new enemy in the weather and environment, while a quite engaging part of the game will be your control and political involvement in the World War II story, by negotiating your will or forcing it, by experienced advanced diplomacy and appointing ministers to your party, by engaging in resource trading and forming factions. Hearts of Iron IV allows the players to be as competitive as they can be, ensuring all necessary resources for an explosive re-written World War II story and a spectacular new victory.

Hearts of Iron IV Modes

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 The featuring cross-platform multiplayer will allow you to choose between battling in a cooperative or a competitive mode in multiplayer mode, as the game is able to hold up to 32 players in a story of World War II combat.

Hearts of Iron IV Technical Issues

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Hearts of Iron IV kept bringing new additions to the gameplay and bugfixes constantly and therefore, the most recent reviews of the game’s technical performance have been mainly positive, with no bugs, crashes, freezing or other issues to report. So the developers have done quite an exemplary job from this point of view.

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Availabe on: PC, Laptop

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2016

Gengre: Simulation, Strategy