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A fantasy game of strategy, entitled the game of the year, Endless Legend is a civ-game telling legends and challenging your mind for safety and survival, created by the developers of Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless. Focused on the home world called Auriga, Endless Legend is a turn-based game of saving the civilization you lead, a game of strategy and wise spending of resources, a game of creating your own world and your own legend.

Endless Legend Story

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The game presents the life of people from Auriga, the story of a civilization facing a sudden, unexpected and unexplainable apocalypse, reflected in the harsh winters that embrace the planet with every new year that comes. You, as a player and as a controller of the factions, of the civilization in the game, have to work under the pressure of urgency, to understand the secrets that unveil to you as game advances, to identify who are the people who try to survive and grow and who are those who aim to conquer; you’ll have to discover the ruins and legends of the game and to coordinate your people so that Auriga will be ready to face every ne and rougher inter. You have to grow resources and ensure food, to build places and entire industries, to use science and magic in order to advance your technologies and, of course, to use all your strategy, power and magic in order to collect wealth and to keep your people alive, helping them face the winters that have been destroying the planet for the last five years.

Furthermore, the story told by Endless Legend, the story that has given the game very positive reviews overall, is a story driven by you, where you get to create your own legend: a game based on exploration and experience, on legends and secrets, on expansion and progress and on strategy and exploitation of every opportunity. Nonetheless, the interesting part of the game story comes when you get to choose one of the eight civilizations to fight for, each having their own game-play styles and a unique storyline.

Endless Legend Mechanics

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Game mechanics are based on an innovative dynamic system which is simultaneously turn-based. In order to defense, fight and defy your opponents, you’ll have to use several equipment items and abilities, to define your own civilizations and to use your own strategy when assimilating other minor yet powerful factions whose abilities, skills and items you’ll be able to use later.

The game menu and controllers, furthermore, make it extremely facile to zoom-in or zoom-out of a map or a battle and to rule every aspect of your empire, while the extremely visually appealing graphics of the game and its vibrant colors, which are actually a mesmerizing work of art especially when it comes to details of the environment and characters, will offer you a unique experience when finding mysterious artifacts or discovering ultimate technologies.

Endless Legend Modes

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A huge plus regarding Endless Legend is the quite big number of modes the game provides, and DLC content ready to buy. Anyway, for the basic pack, the game offers eight different storylines and game-play methods, styles and quests, as it provides eight factions from which you can choose your own civilization to rule, develop, expand and fight the winters with.

 For example, you can choose the power to eat everything, from enemies to lands and even yourself, by choosing to play with the Necrophages’ faction (Insects), or you can try other factions with different strengths and weaknesses as well, such as the Walkers (a forest folk) or the Broken Lords (The Money Knights), who have the ability to buy absolutely everything.

Endless Legend Technical Issues

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There were no major technical issues reported about Endless Legend, yet there are some complaints worth your consideration before buying the game. For example, the battle system which involves the player giving instructions to every unit might get disturbing for some, particularly in combats when, unless you give clear instructions regarding the strategy, movements, weapons etc., your factions will act erratically and stupidly. Also, the artificial intelligence is not very bright when it comes to the armies you manage. But somehow, this is compensated by the number of expansion possibilities that you get regarding abilities, resources, industries, market and technologies, which gives a quite unique touch to Endless Legend, in comparison to other turn-based or civ-strategy games.
     Anyway, there also exists a list of big pluses for the game, the main being the variety and diversity in the factions and quest, the satisfying graphics and the theme of the game which is very engaging and immersive!

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Available on: PC, Mac

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2014

Gengre: RPG, Strategy