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Driftland: The Magical Revival

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Driftland: The Magical Revival description

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After more than one year since it has been launched by Star Drifters, the developers of this appreciated game, Driftland: The Magical Revival has managed to gather the most positive reviews regarding its mechanics and graphics as well as game story and atmosphere. Among the awards gained by the game e could count Best Design 2017, Best Game 2017, Best Indie Game 2018, Best PC Game 2018 and several other nominalizations and 2nd or 3rd place prizes.

Driftland: The Magical Revival is a story that takes place on the Drifland plan, which crumbled into many small pieces after a destructive war between ancient magicians. The player will play the role of one powerful mage and will be able to connect floating lands, moving to develop a great empire and ultimately achieve the goal of restoring Driftland to its initial splendor.

Driftland: The Magical Revival Story

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Driftland: The Magical Revival is coming up with a story of fantasy and strategy, excellently refined with great sound and some really nice graphics. The legend says that after a long and destructive war between several factions of ancient mages, their unwise actions have almost completely destroyed their Driftland city. Trying to repair their mistake and realizing that their civilizations and life on Driftland were compromised and in immersed in danger, those ancient mages have called a truce and tried, this way, to repair their damage, hoping it won’t be too late. So they used all their remaining magic in order to cast the most powerful spell they could – and that spell is the only one that has been holding, even till the current moment of the story, the shattered planet of the Driftland world in a relative balance.

Furthermore, the story in Driftland: The Magical Revival is about managing to finally save Driftland with the power of hope, ambition and with the help of several other characters. After ages of dark, in a time when everything seemed to be lost for Driftland, a few new rays of hope entered the factions’ souls when new sources of magic started to appear while new mages started to be born across the planet. Unfortunately, at the same time, dormant conflicts have started to get back to life, and their management by the player will decide the future of Driftland – either being restored to the initial glory it was previously immersed in, or being wiped away completely from the Universe once and forever.

Driftland: The Magical Revival Mechanics

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Even since the early access period, the developers have been working on improvements based on new ideas and unique mechanics for the game, so expect for some amazing work for when Driftland: The Magical Revival will be finally released.

As the game starts in a procedurally generated world with economy based on resources and magic, you will be taking command upon the role of a Mage Overlord and you will be given your own castle, a small realm on Driftland and your own tower. You will also be provided with a unique set of powers to explore the world with and to use in order to expand your kingdom by connecting the floating lands. Further during your gameplay, you’ll be commanding several units with general goals for each of them, and you will have to prove excellent micromanagement for each of your team of mages, warriors and archers, determining their best performances in creating aerial units and in riding or taming the various types of flying beasts such as dragons and other creatures.

Driftland: The Magical Revival Modes

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According to developers’ description, there will be added a single player mode, a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode, all improved, further developed and extended during the Early Access period.

Driftland: The Magical Revival Technical Issues

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The early access game has already connected developers with all the existing reports regarding bugs and they are struggling every day to fix them and make sure no additional technical issues will occur. For example, one of the issues reported was a problem with the mouse interface which was quickly resolved and allowed players to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable experience during their Driftland: The Magical Revival journey.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2017

Gengre: Strategy, Indie, Simulation, Early Access