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Anno 1800 description

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Anno 1800 is about leading an industrial revolution. It is a game of progress, of change and choices of the player, developed by Blue Byte. Expected to be published on April 16 by Ubisoft, Anno 1800 is going to be an experience during one of the most fast-changing, engaging and exciting periods from all times of humanity.

Therefore, Anno 1800 is about discovering new technologies, about exploring new continents and about creating and developing societies. It is a gamer’s possibility to build a new world using their own imagination and perspectives about society, architecture, market, systems, politics and the world in general!

Anno 1800 Story

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Different from other games and completely permissive in these regards, Anno 1800 will offer you every necessary ingredient to allow you to write your own story during your travel in the world in the times of the Industrial Revolution. The game is welcoming you into a time of the 19th century, in the middle of the quest of building an empire able to face challenges of time, between the quickly progresses in technology and political landscapes.

Furthermore, Anno 1800 combines much appreciated features and elements inspired by 20 years of Anno history, in order to deliver one of the richest and most exciting city-building experiences from all the time. There are individual artificial intelligent opponents, maps randomly generated, gameplay in multisession and, even more impressing, a campaign having a unique and interesting story that will slowly unveil to you as you will play the game and discover its every secret, legend, feature and opportunity.

Anno 1800 Mechanics

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First of all, Anno 1800 is about building a city by your own choice, with modern technologies and items, leading it to expansion and evolution during the Industrial Revolution. And furthermore, this is a game of discoveries, of exploration and of learning. Enhanced with an amazing selected game soundtrack, unique company logos and beautiful ships and visual experiences, the game will offer you a completely original gameplay in the history of Anno. Upon your experiences in the game, you ill have randomly generated maps, unique items to discover and individual opponents with incredible artificial intelligence.

Along with your story-based campaign, you will get to discover entire societies and, even more intriguing, to explore new continents. Using the map and crossing the ocean in order to unveil the beauties, dangers and complexity of the world, you will get to discover continents such as South America and to find both new and exclusive opportunities and resources, and new challenges and risks as well. In the end, it will be your decisions those that affect the future of your city and its every feature, progress and results, and it will be your choices and strategies that will make people remember you in a particular way, according to the gameplay strategy you’ll choose: diplomacy, warfare or trade, choosing either the path of an exploiter or of an innovator, of a liberator or of an oppressor.

Anno 1800 Modes

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The game includes a sandbox mode, which will be highly customizable, but it will also preserve the classical multiplayer experience that Anno players will adore as well. Furthermore, as a ruler of some prosperous metropolises, you will need to adapt your strategies, make plans about your inhabitants and their production chains, share the worlds after dealing with other AI leaders and, as a consequence, obtaining the right trade routes for a profitable market.

Anno 1800 Technical Issues

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Eager to collaborate with testers and reviewers during the creation and development of Anno 1800, having created a community of testers that get latest news and development insights from behind the scenes before it gets published, developers seems to be looking forward to improving the game as much as possible before actually releasing it on the specified date, which is a highly encouraging action that we hope will offer a final result with as few or non-existent bugs and technical issues as possible.  Regardless of this aspect, anyway, we have yet to see how Anno 1800 will perform in technical terms after it gets published and reviewed by players around the world!

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Available on: PC, Laptop

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Strategy, Simulation