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Age of Empires IV description

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     A new release of the popular and best-selling strategy series ever published by Microsoft Studios, Age of Empires IV is coming as a much improved version than all its previous apparitions, with the first innovation being made regarding its development team. More exactly, this time, unlike the previous installments of the series, Age of Empires IV is closely developed by Relic Entertainment, the same creators who have designed the mechanics, technical aspects and immersive visuals of some of the most popular game series from the history of strategy and adventure games for PC, including Company of Heroes, first two Homeworld releases and the Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War game.

    Engaging a team of the most talented game developers, the soundtrack from Age of Empires IV has been announced to be composed by the same artist who worked on the audio of The Witcher 3, promising a unique visual audio experience. The game is expected to be published by Microsoft Studios in the PC version in the revolutionary year of 2020.

Age of Empires IV Story

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     There is not much known yet about the story of Age of Empires IV, apart from the fact that it is going to be the newest apparition in the best selling franchise of strategy games. Previously following historical sequences and mythical episodes in areas such as Europe, Asia and Africa or, during expansions, in the Roman Empire, and Greek, Spanish and Mexican areas from the Middle Age, the story of the series Age of Empires is going to continue with a fourth main plot, in a new location and with new quests that will help players rediscover history and mythology.

       What we can say for sure about Ages of Empires IV, anyway, is that there will be a new civilization to control, chosen from the few ones that remained after several previous wars, including European, Arabian and Asian populations, and will help them continue evolving and expanding a new empire, fighting other enemies and obtaining once again a victory that would last for ages, in an visually enhanced environment with the best and newest technologies to use for the most immersive graphics and mechanics.

Age of Empires IV Mechanics

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     Regarding the mechanics of the fourth game from the franchise of Age of Empires, again, there is not much divulgated yet, especially according to the fact that there is still a lot of time to pass until 2020, when the game will finally be officially released. Yet, by changing the development team and by adding the improvement and novelty of last generation technologies and engine used, we are expecting for the best experiences regarding the gameplay in Age of Empires IV.

     Remaining loyal to the dynamic and strategic playthrough of previous installments, Age of Empires IV will certainly keep up most of the mechanic elements players are already familiar with from previous releases, probably only bringing some more engaging improvements and expansions. Therefore, you will once again take control of a new civilization and work on its development, expansion and progresses among several moments of historical evolution. Finding and stocking resources, creating powerful alliances, fighting diverse enemies and building the structures and economy of a new empire will remain some of the main focus points when it comes to the game mechanics for the PC version of Age of Empires IV.

Age of Empires IV Modes

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      A good news for all types of players, Age of Empires IV ill bring both single player and multiplayer modes, so both players eager to play alone of in a team with other friends would find satisfaction in this strategy game.

     While the single player modes you are already used to, including free play and story campaign, will be the same, the forth publication in the series will also be adding a last-moment multiplayer mode, for players to face enemies or team up with allies from new places from the other sides of the world.

Age of Empires IV Technical Issues

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     As for the technical performance, we are talking about a game expected to be released in 2020, so while expectations are high regarding the visual and audio layers that will be used, it is yet to be seen how Age of Empires IV ill perform on PC in comparison to previous installments from the series and to other similar games.

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Avalibe on: PC

Publishment year: 2020

Gengre: Strategy