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The Sims 4 description

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Sims 4, the fourth episode in the popular series of The Sims, has been published by Electronic Arts Inc. on the 2nd of September 2014 for PC and three years later, on 17th of November 2017, in a new version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Developed by Maxis, the same creator of the other three apparitions that included the player in the virtual world of The Sims, The Sims 4 brings a new life simulation which will allow players, just like The Sims 3, to care for entire families and their social and economical relationships in SimCity.

The Sims 4 Story

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An economically and socially realistic game simulating lives of an entire family upon which the player will mostly focus during the gameplay, The Sims 4 has as an objective the player to look for the physical, material needs of the Sim family they will create, such as health, hunger, thirst, clothing and a home, as el as for their emotional, social, psychological and spiritual needs, including the need to go outside and socialize, to have a job, to maintain relationships with other virtual Sim characters from the game.

Apart from all these primary and secondary aspects, from the Sims’ lives, the story of the game will not impose any further restrictions, scenarios or missions to undertake, apart from the decisions players will prefer taking, from building the most beautiful and welcoming mansions to creating the most durable and satisfying relationships with other players and unlocking new emotions, dialogues and personality characteristics.

The Sims 4 Mechanics

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The mechanics of the game is the most complex in The Sims 4, and also the iconic element of the series, allowing player to do, in the virtual life simulator, almost anything that’s also possible in the real world. Therefore, with a great artificial intelligence which will allow the Sims to act naturally in every situation, to have extremely well-shaped personalities and to have various reactions to interaction, events and even regarding their own apparition, The Sims 4 is coming with improved mechanics for every action from the game, including life stages and skills, events and opportunities, such as fires, meeting stars and other people, pregnancy and adoption and other basic actions such as driving the car, having a nightmare, getting a plastic surgery, dating, going to the restaurant, dealing with the karma powers and many others.

 Not a lot modified from all the other releases from The Sims series regarding graphics and design, what The Sims 4 is bringing as innovations are the multitude of new and more accurate visual editors of details in the height, weight, face shape, posture and other body features of the Sims, the emotions felt in different moments by the Sims and, of course, a more intuitive interface for a better and simpler control of everything that The Sims 4 developers are offering in this edition. The most exciting new feature, however, that The Sims 4 is bringing up, is the impressive number of missions that will allow characters in the game to gain new achievements and to be awarded, for these small victories and for every completed short-term or long-term objective, a new piece of clothing, more resources or even pieces of furniture for a more interesting, modern and upgraded interior or exterior design of the house.

The Sims 4 Modes

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The Sims 4 is only playable in a single-player mode, but there is a social networking option added into the game, which will allow players to share, rate and comment their houses along with other players.

The Sims 4 Technical Issues

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While few bugs and glitches have been encountered during the gameplay in The Sims 4, the developers of the game have constantly been there, improving and solving as much as possible every problem reported and therefore, some of the technical issues that existed but were quickly solved by the creators of the game might be codes appearing instead of texts, empty text boxes and blank bubbles, houses or goods disappearing, freezing during certain action performing, inexistent eye color, crashing at the launch of the game on PC and not being able to save the game.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2014

Gengre: Simulation