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STAR WARS Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy description

Story of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

The action of this series of Star Wars Jedi Knight takes place six years after the end of the second part of the saga and allows players to embody the student of the legendary Jedi Academy, located on the moon Yavin 4 and led by Luke Skywalker himself (the role of his assistant meets Kyle Katarn – main character of previous episodes of the aforementioned cycle). The single-player game consists of a training cycle (exploring the secrets of the Force and learning about various fighting techniques) and a series of mission-related missions.

Mechanics of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

What is new in the series, before throwing yourself into a vortex of virtual adventure, it is necessary to create your own character from scratch, i.e. choose race, gender, clothing, physical attributes, etc. Also build an individual Light Sword or its double version (he used her terrible Darth Maul). In Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is also a shortage of conventional types of weapons – guns and energy guns, electro-magnetic launchers and others, however, we use only about 30% of fighting – the rest (about 70%) fight using lightsabers.

A novelty in this part, in addition to the above-mentioned: character creation and the amount of battle with the use of the lightsaber, are new Jedi knight powers and the ability to combine and use several of these powers simultaneously in combat. During the game, you can also decide which Jedi powers to develop and which side of power to follow: dark or light – the choice affects the course of the last few stages and the end of the game.

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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy offers a campaign planned for around 30 hours of gameplay, but in this part we do not have to do tasks “one by one” – after completing one mission we can decide which of the next few pass – it gives more sense of freedom and breaks with linearity of the game. The action of each task takes place in a different, new location (in Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, several missions were located in the same place), we will visit a number of places known from films, books and comic books, including Tatooine and Hoth. The game still uses the graphics engine “Quake 3 Team Arena engine”, however it has undergone numerous modifications and improvements.

Destiny 2 game modes

Although in Destiny 2 you can successfully play alone, the production develops wings while playing with other players. In addition to the basic fictional game mode, the title offers a wide range of additional gameplay options, such as long and demanding six-player raids, three-man, short assault missions, and five combat modes in PvP arenas in four-player teams.

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Avalibe on: PC, X box

Publishment year: 16 september 2003

Gengre: Role Playing