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Gothic II: Night of the Raven

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Gothic II: Night of the Raven description

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Gothic II is the second part of the Gothic series, a RPG game with a powerful story developed by Piranha Bytes in 2002, originated in Germany. The game was also published in North America in 2003 with partnership of Atari and Jowood. In 2007, sales were estimated to be over 400,00 copies worldwide.

Gothic II: Night of the Raven Story

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The story continues from where the first part, Gothic I, ended. From the begging, we start to see how the world is affected after the Sleeper was defeated and successfully banished from the world. In his journey, our hero will meet friends from the last game, but after the world was changed, only a few will recognize him. Decisions will determine our hero to join new alliances or to live a dangerous live along with shady characters.

He will try to find his way in the medieval city of Khorinis, trying to increase his reputation in order to become a part of the high society. But as a new comer, it is not an easy thing to do. The muddy city comes with a lot of challenges and opportunities for a person who aims to grow. He can learn professions such as hunting and alchemy, or he can go to the dirty harbor and grab some easy money by fighting people, theft for Machiavellian characters etc.

Gothic II: Night of the Raven Mechanics

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The game is an interactive fantasy, RPG, based on decision making when you dialog with characters, to shape your destiny. You will have to choose a faction, depending on your playing style. Let’s take a look upon the factions you’ll get to choose from!

Militia – you will help the town to grow keeping it safe from thieves and orcs. You will have to maintain balance and to be good with people, or you can become corrupt and bad, working for the thieves. Also, you can become a powerful and rightful Paladin, working for the king and protecting your land.

Mercenaries – by choosing this faction, you can become a skilled hunter or rogue.  Mercenaries’ quests include lots of fights with everyone, trying to take control of the city, and making decisions for your people and bringing your own justice for them.

Monastery of Fire – you can become a wise mage of fire, spending your time in the monastery, reading books, learning about magic and about the spiritual world. You will learn to make powerful runes that will help you in combat and destructive spells which can help or harm you. Also you will learn to summon minions from another dimension.

 Furthermore, regarding professions and stat points, when you are ready to choose your destiny, you have to take a profession as well: alchemy, smithing, hunting or secondary skills such as lock-picking. In each one you will have to do something to grow your skills: gathering, mining, hunting etc. Also, when you achieve a new level, it will give you points to put into improving your dexterity, strength, vitality or energy.

Gothic II: Night of the Raven Modes

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Night of the Raven is the expansion of the initial game, one that will lead you to a big secondary plot, including a chain of quests with deadly results. The expansion is about a lost exotic island, where you will encounter creepy grass and desert monsters, orcs and undying, forgotten gods. You will also make an alliance with some villain pirates that will help you with your quests. Everything in this expansion takes action for a big reward that will make your main plot a lot easier. The story is fascinating and, with the excellent graphics for 2002 and the involving music, is going to captivate your entire attention and imagination. This expansion comes with a lot of bugs fixed and balances for a better gameplay.

Gothic II: Night of the Raven Technical Issues

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The majority of the technical issues from Gothic were fixed along the Night of the raven expansion. This improved version includes the fixing of the texture bugs, invisible buildings, falling and not taking damage, not working ladders, saving game problems, loading screen errors and so on.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2003

Gengre: Action, RPG