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Presenting new part of the story from one of the most popular games worldwide, Final Fantasy XV as published in ultimate quality by its developers, Square Enix, on the 6th of March 2018. With a set of new key features and some numerous bonus items, FF15 has attracted mixed opinions during the last few months regarding its overall quality and, in the below paragraphs, we’ll analyze all those elements.

 Furthermore, Final Fantasy XV will take the player into a new journey that will support HDR10 and ultra high-resolution graphical options. With this version of the hugely extended game, players will get to enjoy an ultimate Final Fantasy experience in a beautiful and carefully designed environment with unique crafts and graphic elements.

Final Fantasy XV Story

 Final Fantasy XV 03

The ultra-popular video game is starting with Noctis Lucis Caelum, the character upon which the player takes control initially and he is also the main protagonist during the journey through Final Fantasy XV, the open world action RPG game. This time, the story is taking the players across the world of Eos, allowing to directly control only Noctis but offering some additional help by providing three companions to the main character: Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis.

Either by foot, by Regalia (the party’s fully customizable car – either manually or automatically controlled) or by Chocobos (a new customizable element in FF15 recurring galliform birds – only manually controlled), players will get to explore the large connected land of the Kingdom of Lucis, explore unlocked areas from the map and discover new hotels and inns, shops and equipments and, most interestingly, quests that will bring up parts of the main story missions. The interactive element of Final Fantasy XV’s story is represented by the dialogue choices that will appear to be controlled by the player for Noctis, gaining a different response from non playable characters during the same story sequences according to every different option the player will be selecting. The story plot is extremely complex and is going to unveil along with the stages of the gameplay, but the end of the story will be hen Noctis’ journey will be over with him opening up in front of his companions before the final grand battle, ultimately finding his peace in the afterlife, next to Lunafreya.

Final Fantasy XV Mechanics

Final Fantasy XV 04

Bringing a lot of ne bonus items such as a travel pack, a gourmand set, a camera kit, a new outfit and new weapons, Final Fantasy XV is also coming up with a set of new features and mechanics in order to make the gameplay even more enjoyable. There were additional quests and achievements added, a new map to explore and an innovating battle system, all being combined in order to bring the player into the middle of an ultimate fantasy adventure.

Players will have to channel the power of their characters’ ancestors in order to effortlessly gain excellent performances in combats, and they will also have to discover along with their companions how to master the skills and abilities of using weapons, of attacking in a team using various tactics and of using magic. There will also be unlocked the use of Royal Cruiser, which is amazing news for those who have been expecting to explore new fishing spots and recipes for a more interactive gameplay. Nice graphics, combat animations, huge skill trees and the so popular soundtracks are the additional glamorous elements that are going to create an ultimate immersive experience out of Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Modes

Final Fantasy XV 05

Final Fantasy XV is based on a first-person experience – therefore, a single player mode – which has been thoroughly developed by the team before releasing it.

Final Fantasy XV Technical Issues

Final Fantasy XV 06

While Final Fantasy XV has done greatly on PS4 and other platforms, it seems that the windows version is encountering some annoying problems that, in some cases, make the game unplayable. One of the most major and reported technical issues is the game keeping crashing randomly and frequently. Apart from these, no additional bugs have been reported and this is a big plus for the overall technical performance of Final Fantasy XV.

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Avalibe on: PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: RPG