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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition description

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    Continuing the story from where Dragon Age: Origins has left it, Dragon Age is a new release developed by BioWare Corporation and published by Electronic Arts Inc. for all the available platforms on the 18th of November 2014.

     Coming in a completely innovated visual quality, especially for the times when it was published, Dragon Age: Inkwizycja will have its story and the complexity of the characters the main attraction and best developed from the entire series.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Story

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     With two previous releases in the series preparing the story that Dragon Age: Inkwizycja, the plotline in this game is going to be taking the player once again into Thedas, the continent where, due to the wars and battles that had previously taken place, the realm is covered by chaos. Presenting a setting of ten years since the last moment of Dragon Age: Origins, the story is showing how the Kingdom of Feredlden couldn’t yet fully recover after the huge and destructive invasion that represented the focus story of Dragon Age: Origins, more exactly the huge battle against the Darkspawn, called the fifth Blight, and how the land wasn’t able to regain its former glory and strength. In this time of crisis, Orlasis is involved in a threatening civil war, while mages and templars are fighting in every place of the continent.

     But above all these, a new demon invasion is caused by a tear in the border between the Fade and the lands of the humanity and mortals, bringing up a new danger that the Inquisition has to face, as an independent political organization. In this complex and epic scenario in which the players are engaged, you will be assigned the role of the Inquisition’s leader, having the objective to discover who that person is, who has caused the destruction of the limit between the two worlds, bringing demons into your lands. And indeed, your primary quest will be to gain all the possible strength in order to defeat those demons and stop the apocalyptic invasion.  

Dragon Age: Inquisition Mechanics

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     Regarding the mechanics of the game, first of all, you will be able to choose a class to fight with, from the skilled mages with magical powers, from the great warriors or from the powerful rogues, and even to change their genre, appearance, as well as the name of your character as the leader of the fighting heroic organization: the Inquisition. Nonetheless, you will have the possibility to choose your race, from a variety of qunaris, humans, dwarfs and elves, for the most personalized experience and a really engaging playthrough.

     Allowing you to travel all along the map of your land and to engage in battles of high complexity, the game will provide you some loyal companions next to you, providing you the so valuable help during each fight. These companions will also complete the story with their own motivation, goals and histories, as the developers had a high level of focus on the interpersonal relationship between the characters of Dragon Age: Inkwizycja. Your protagonist will have different feelings for other characters in the game, including romance, which is a novelty in the franchise and which will lead to some modern intimate scenes. Every decision in the game will have a consequence, sometimes moral and sometimes unexpected, which offers a dynamic plot and non-linear storyline, and the possibility to transfer files from the previous installment of the series will allow decisions from the previous Dragon Age game to influence the actual story of the current game, which is another highly impressive element in the game mechanics. Moreover, battles will be very complex, there will be many more quests and missions, more weapons and battle strategies and more plot areas which, in order to be unlocked, will require you to first build a trustworthy and high reputation by completing side quests, being diplomatic, defeating monsters and dangerous creatures and even finding and gathering magical artifacts and other valuable items.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Modes

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     Dragon Age: Inkwizycja is coming in the only single player mode, engaging the player into the most authentic and dynamic virtual world of dark fantasy.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Technical Issues

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     A few technical issues have been concerning especially the PC version of Dragon Age: Inkwizycja, including some crashes at startup and a few bugs. Apart from these, the game is offering a unique visual experience due to highly detailed graphics enhancing the world in which you will be captivated by an immersive story and complex gameplay.

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Avalibe on: PC, Xbox 360, Play Station 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Publishment year: 2014

Gengre: RPG, Fantasy