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ATOM RPG description

ATOM RPG 03   

 A post-apocalyptic indie game, ATOM RPG was developed by AtomTeam, the team of creators who have published it on the 19th of December last year, during 2018.

     Inspired by classic role-playing games, including Deus Ex, Baldur’s Gate, Wasteland, Fallout and several others, ATOM RPG is a turn-based experience which will take you through the most interesting explorations of the Soviet Wasteland in order to survive and discover several secrets and conspiracies.



     The story of Atom RPG is set in the Soviet Union and in the Western Bloc which were destroyed with the help of nuclear bombs during the years of 1986. In order to enter this post-apocalyptic scenario, your character will be one of the survivors from the nuclear Holocaust, and your main mission will be exploring the wilds from the Soviet Wasteland, a new world that will help you find numerous quests threatening your free life, but which will also offer you the chance to investigate some of the darkest conspiracies from the history of the virtual world, one that had the objective of destroying every piece and atom of life existing on the Earth.

     The story of ATOP RPG comes as some sort of spiritual successor of the first two games of the Fallout series. Becoming again one of the last human surviving the nuclear apocalypse, the player will come to explore a land of desert and wild, a land full of destroyed buildings and items, where ashes are at every step, and with several pieces and clues that will form a puzzle you will need to unlock in order to understand which as the major conspiracy that aimed to destroy the entire humanity and all the living elements on the planet.

ATOM RPG Mechanics


     The complex game mechanics will be, first of all, offering you a highly intuitive interface to control your character and his actions during the gameplay. Furthermore, you will have a great creation tool in order to portray the hero of your dreams just as you aim him to be, including his abilities and his armor, his looks and his equipment.

     Through ATOP RPG, you will enter a role playing system based on turns, inspired by GURPS, here every combination of stats ill result into some unique consequences, including the most original dialogues, better gaming experiences and the most creative ways of solving mysteries and completing quests. Furthermore, from gambling to lock picking and to the most interesting battle abilities, your hero ill have access to dozens of fun or dangerous skills. You will be able to use these skills into the most engaging combats, inspired from the first to Fallout games, featuring random characters who will sometimes become your friends and other times the most difficult to defeat enemies, such as the dwellers from the Soviet Wasteland. All these actions are going to take place in a huge world, with several different locations and landscapes, with mutated and wild creatures, as well as rebellious bandits and criminals will be threatening and challenging your battle skills at every step in the wilds in which you will adventure either to complete your quests and explore the mysteries of the legendary conspiracy and military bunker you survived, or just to enjoy the beautifully designed environment and to calmly fish in a pond. Nonetheless, there will be a highly immersive nonlinear plot, providing several scripts for the non playing characters of ATOM RPG, so that all your dialogues will be natural and dynamic, authentically adapting according to your decisions, while all your quests ill offer several alternatives and creative solutions to choose from.



     The game is coming in a single player mode, in order to make your every decision your own responsibility that will take you upon the positive or less enjoyable consequences for your character.

ATOM RPG Technical Issues


     Apart from some short moments of the character getting stuck or lost in the textures, a few crashes, unbalanced battles or some path finding bugs, no other major technical issues have been reported or encountered, so the game is overall playable.

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Avalibe on: PC

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Action, RPG