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Spider-Man is the much expected video game that got finally published for PlayStation 4 by Sony Interactive Entertainment, on the 7th of September during the last year, 2018. Developed by Insomniac Games, the same excellent developer of other hits such as the Resistance shooting series, Ratchet & Clank or Sunset Overdrive, Spider-Man is bringing up several mini-games and challenges, engaging players of all ages, using an immersive sound and addicting visuals, into the virtual world that enhanced everybody’s childhood with the comic inspired world of the legendary Peter Parker.

Obviously allowing you to enter the game as the iconic Spider Man character, the game will have you facing the criminal underworld from the lands of a beautifully and authentically virtually represented New York City.

Spider-Man Story

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The story in Spider – Man, of course, contains several elements inspired by the Spider-Man universe, starting with the characters (the legendary dual life of Peter Parker or the villain in the iconic Spider Man) and even the same place of action, which is a modern New York City. Yet, the action you will encounter in the game will bring original smaller stories, which will not be directly adapted from any movie or previous comic.

 Therefore, reuniting classic elements from the original and classical Spider Man, with unique and last-moment combat elements and components of action and adventure games, Spider-Man will come with a unique plot line that you will only be able to discover by paying the game and enjoying everything from its mechanics to its dedicatedly developed visual elements.

Spider-Man Mechanics

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The game will offer a third-person perspective upon the action game, which will have a unique combat system that will immerse you into the most complex schemes and unique mechanics. Indeed a main attraction of the Spider-Man release, the battles will be possible by using your character’s legs, fists and, of course, the much expected webs that will be used according to the surroundings and which will allow you to bring up the most creative and unique ways of taking down your enemies. You will be able to catch an object or an item close to you, using your web, and with the same superpower, to throw it to your opponent and defeat him. Your web will be enough strong to even throw your enemy in the air, sustaining his weight and ultimately sticking him to a wall for a more fun victory and a more specific style of fighting your opponents, according to the fact that you are playing Spider-Man. Your web will also be setting traps or crafting some sort of bullets to shoot, so it will be a multi-functional weapon and a unique ability you will need to control and improve in order to heroically succeed in every combat in which you’ll engage. In stealth attacking strategies, when you will prefer to indirectly attack and silently kill or put down your adversaries, you will be able to move along the walls and high buildings using your web, taking advantage of each of your skills and powers that will make you more powerful and invincible than any enemy.

Furthermore regarding mechanics, there will be an open New York place to explore by walking or running normally or across the walls, singing on longer distances with the help of, of course, your loyal web. The most spectacular element will be the acrobatic skills you will have as Spider man, as well as the epic cinematic scenes hen, by pressing specific buttons at the right moment, you will be able to watch some really delightful sequences.

Spider-Man Modes

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Spider-Man is coming in a simple single-player mode. Maybe a little disappointing for those who hoped to play along with friends in the universe of Spider-Man, but being a hero comes with the responsibility of solitude so…get ready to defeat the most powerful villains by engaging in solo battles.

Spider-Man Technical Issues

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With a high resolution and a last-generation engine allowing better textures to be represented on the screen of your platform, Spider-Man’s technical performance has been great, encountering the most minimal bugs or problems, which were however quickly fixed for a smooth experience of every player on their PlayStation 4.

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Available on: PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Action, Adventure