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With just a few more days until it gets launched, Metro Exodus is an action game developed by 4A Games which will be published on the official website on 15th of February 2019 and will be available for both PC and Xbox One, as well as for PlayStation 4.

Inspired from Dmitry Glukhovsky writings, Metro Exodus is a new publication of the series Metro and it is a post – apocalyptic engaging shooter that will take players through the main character, Artyom, on a new journey of survival and combat in the devastated world of a virtual Moscow.

Metro Exodus Story

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The story of Metro is complex and has started ever since the first apparition of the first game in the series. It begins with an apocalyptic event that has devastated the world in 2013 and as a result, in 2033, there are only a few survivors who have taken refuge and started searching for shelter in the depths of the underground streets from Moscow. Just a couple of days before the apocalypse manifested on the globe, a boy named Artyom as born and, once the terrible fire started, he was saved and taken to grow up in the Undergrounds. Artyom grew up and faced several challenges, facing journeys through catacombs in subways during 2033 and even a civil war that could have erased all the remaining people from the Earth in 2034.

 The action in the actual story of Metro Exodus, however, is set in the next stage of the post-apocalyptic Moscow, after a nuclear war that took place on the entire world has destroyed an entire civilization, with the exception of a few survivors. Having Artyom again in the middle of the action as the only hope left for the remaining proofs of humanity and of a living world, the story will be taking players into a new journey, this time laying over an entire year, leaving the tunnels of the subways from Moscow in order to explore and understand the consequences of a nuclear war in the world from above, during all the four seasons of the year. 

Metro Exodus Mechanics

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Combining elements, ideas and solutions from all the previous apparitions of the Metro series, developers of Metro Exodus have come up with unique mechanics this time for all the game stages and situations, starting with combats to sneaking and exploration. First of all, there will be a dynamic weather and cycle of day and night added, which will change during the year, allowing players to witness the effects of the nuclear war in four different intense visual experiences during diverse seasons and during daytime or night. Secondly, the world will easily be explored using a detailed and beautifully designed open map, which will offer more freedom to explore new areas from the surface of Metro than never before in the history of this series.

 There will also be new sneaking techniques and other mechanics helping the hero and his team to survive the outside world, in a first-person perspective action. Still a shooter, the game will come with unique technologies, guns and combos to use in the most spectacular combats, while a non-linear plot ill make the game more engaging and challenging than ever, as every decision will have irreversible consequences and with a simple mistake, members of the team will die along and be lost forever. Players will get to influence not only the ending of the game but also the lives of other characters, which is a great future and an innovation in the history of Metro.

Metro Exodus Modes

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Metro Exodus is continuing to be offering an only single player mode for a more intense experience and in order to make the player the only one entirely responsible for the decisions taken and consequences in Metro.

Metro Exodus Technical Issues

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With much bigger locations than in previous Metro episodes, Metro Exodus comes with immersive visuals and a very detailed world to explore, which promises quite a lot regarding the technical performance of the newest apparition from Metro series. But we will only know for sure how many and what types of technical issues and bugs players might encounter once Metro Exodus will get published on the announced date.

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Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Action, Survival, Shooter, Science Fiction