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Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods description

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Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods is a currently developing game representing the second expansion of the original Grim Dawn game. Turning out to be a really major addition for Grim Dawn, Forgotten Gods is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2019.

With a new story, around 36 combinations of mastery and tens of other exciting and unique features, Forgotten Gods will take Grim Dawn to a new level and will definitely become one of the favorite expansions that ever existed for a similar game.

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Story

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As the second expansion of Grim Dawn, Forgotten Gods is going to come up this year with a huge new chapter of the story of Grim Dawn. Developers are enthusiastic to announce that they have been eager to tell this story for many years no and can’t wait to share it with Grim Dawn fans as soon as the new expansion will be released. Besides the tens of new mastery combinations, characters to fight and quests to take and explore, which are far richer and more expansive that Ashes of Malmouth, Forgotten Gods is also bringing innovation in the Level and Devotion caps, bringing 9 new Constellations, new Devotion Shrines and new abilities and mobility skills.

Furthermore, what we call a new expansion is going to actually be a giant one, with hundreds of new features and improved aspects in mechanics, story, technical aspects, characters, combats, items and more. Almost like a new game, the Forgotten Gods expansion of Grim Dan is going to have its players travel through lush oases, through burning sands beautifully enhanced with excellent graphics and through volcanic wastes, a journey that will eventually take you to the ruins of a city full of secrets hidden by the sun – secrets that should have never been shaken. A forgotten God will have his flames rekindled, rising with terror upon the Eldritch realm and even upon the itch Gods themselves.

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Mechanics

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According to what the developers have stated about the new expansion of Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods, while they aim to set a fair price for the actually major addition to Grim Dawn that Forgotten Gods will bring under the development of Crate Entertainment, there are also going to be a lot of exciting new features along with the new characters and extended numbers of Constellations and Devotion Shrines. They have promised to make the existent content much more rewarding and dynamic into the Shattered Realm, thanks to the introduction of Challenge Areas, which aim to be a new engaging element of Grim Dawn’s second expansion: Forgotten Gods.

 No it is true that they affirmed that the Devotion Cap level will remain at 55 and the Level cap will still equal the original one, with no increases in numbers. But they also confirmed a larger variety of items and elements to play with while the story of Forgotten Gods unveils to the player, which somehow compensates every other unfulfilled expectation of numerous fans of Grim Dawn. Rune Augments and more quests are going to be introduced as well, in order to offer new abilities and mobility skills to every available character, while the Set Transmutation feature is also coming as a new element that answers those players who have been struggling to complete certain item sets. In the end, the second expansion, Forgotten Gods, is going to be more intense and engaging for the player, getting you to push your characters to discover and conquer new limits and much more powerful rewards.

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Modes

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Not much has been divulgated about the new game modes Forgotten Gods will add to Grim Dawn, but we found out about the Shattered Realm game mode, which seems to be a new way for making higher achievements by more intensely challenging your characters to earn new items and rewards and to improve their abilities, exceeding every limit.

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Technical Issues

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Of course that every fan is hoping for no technical issues to interfere in the new expansion which promises to be so engaging and interesting in the Grim Dawn context, but we are waiting for the decisive reviews and reports regarding this aspect when the expansion will be released.

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Available on: PC

Game Platform: Grim Dawn

Publishment year: 2019

Gengre: Action, RPG