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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City description

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – or GTA Vice City – is the second 3D format of the Grand Theft Auto series. The game is very popular even today, as it is that kind of game that every gamer must play at least once in their life. Not for the graphics, but for the great story, characters, voice acting and the freedom this game offers you in the fictive city of Vice City, which is similar to Miami from ages ’80, the game presented here is a must in every player’s life, no matter what age they are – starting from kids and even to adults enthusiast about an interesting story of adventure and action.

 The game was released in 27 October 2002 for PlayStation and, very soon, for PC. GTA Vice City was very successful even from the beginning and the game franchise is one of the biggest pioneer on the field of open world experience games. In 2002 GTA Vice City is bringing a new perspective in the games world. A perspective in which you are free to do everything you want and one which sets you free from the real world anxiety, a place where you really do what you want! If you are bored of missions or one is just too difficult for you, you can just walk on the beach or explore the town in a fancy car. Or, if you prefer the violent side, you can punch people, smash cars and determine the police to chase you. To keep it short, the possibilities you are offered are unlimited. So let your creativity fly and see what you can do! Now, many big games have open world games in special RPGs or MMRPGs. But let’s not forget from where it started.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Story

 Grand Theft Auto Vice City 03

The game is focused on the man named Tommy Vercetti, who is making some noise and violence in the town on his way to gaining rank and reputation from the top Mafioso’s who rule the town. He starts doing some low jobs for others, using violence, taking money, killing people, driving, chasing and all sort of similar things. But don’t subestimate Tommy Vercetti! One day, he will show everyone what is capable of and will make it memorable. To give you a hint, the character was a little bit inspired from the movie Scarface, where Al Pacino made a great performance when playing Tony Montana.

Tommy Vercetti is involved in all sort of things such as: drugs, extortion, prostitute, murders, thefts, usage of big guns… and everything bad you can imagine! He will also have to learn from the big Mafioso’s how the town works, in order to become someone and to make lots of money. Tommy will make lot of friends as well, but after all, we will see who will stand by his side until the last moment.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mechanics

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A great work of the graphic artists and game developers, extremely modern for its time and still appreciated by all ages in the present, GTA Vice City is a combination of the best possible mechanics.

 Easy to control using multiple elements of the keyboard for movement and actions, the game will allow you to easily steal cars by pressing “Enter” and automatically punching the driver out of the car. And the bonus feature in this situation is that you’ll get to select a playlist and copy it into the folder of the game so that every time you drive a car, your favorite songs will play for the best experience.       

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Modes

 Grand Theft Auto Vice City 06

Unofficially, you can play some game modes developed by the fan community, in which you can drive the newest cars, buildings are changed and a big part of the town is different as well. You will also see texture modifications, graphics improved, new sounds and, of course, you can opt for the multiplayer mode with your friends!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Technical Issues

 Grand Theft Auto Vice City 05

While playing GTA Vice City, it is possible to encounter some bugs and glitches, but in that case just restart the game and don’t become mad, you can still finish your game!

 In the list of popular bugs and glitches are included: being stuck in a building, car vanishing during mission, sound turn off and some animation glitches in cut scenes such as missing hands or other body parts, etc.

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Available on: PC, PS2, PS4, Xbox, Android, IOS

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2003

Gengre: Action, Adventure