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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas description

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, or GTA San Andreas, is the third 3D game from the Grand Theft Auto series. The game was first published in 2004 for PlayStation 2 and soon extended for computer and other platforms. The game also won many awards including the following: VGX – Game of the Year, Gamespot – Best action adventure game, Teen Choice – Best video Game and many others.

 The game has been developed by Rockstar Games, while the map from GTA San Andreas has been inspired by the real zones from California and Nevada, including lots of real institutes, digs, architecture and structure, yet using fictional names. It also has a secret base which is similar to area 51.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Story

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This time GTA will make its players go into the neighborhood, exactly in year 1992, playing Carl Johnson or, as his friends called him simply, CJ. After some years in prison, CJ is going back in the neighborhood, trying to reconnect with the band and other old friends, getting the bad news of his mother’s funeral. With every day that will pass by, he will hear and learn more about the things that have happened with the neighborhood and the gang. But trying to assemble the missing parts of the story, he will encounter deception, lies, drugs, and his life threatened everyday by characters from the rival gangs trying to take control of the hood.  

The game will successfully manage to make you feel the vibe of the hood in those years, with all that it offered: both good and bad, by using words in their jargon form, by the bad habits of the characters he will meet, by the hip hop culture with large clothes, graffiti and, of course, music. CJ will try to stay away from any trouble, but in the hood and with the gang around him, this is not an easy thing to do.  He will face many dangerous challenges, but in the end you will see which path he will choose.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mechanics

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This part of the game series is bringing some new features like: going to the gym and growing muscle, eating in fast foods for maintaining health, playing pool and bowling. You can also swim, climb mountains, jump with a parachute, go by bike, and drive trains and all sorts of vehicles. The map on the game is very big and is waiting for you to explore it with every inch! You will find so many things to do, wherever you are: on the beach, desert, rural side, urban etc.  And you can also use cheats for health, guns, cars, change weather and so many more after doing only a little bit of research.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Modes

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GTA San Andreas multiplayer or, simpler, SAMP, is very popular and even today there are many people playing it.  So you can either play solo mode where you will complete missions and hear more about CJ’s personal story and the game story, or you can go for the multiplayer mode and have fun with yours friends, online!

Some other modes made by the fan community are remakes of texture, graphics, new cars, buildings, new sounds and interfaces, UI, etc. Just go and check them out to see what you like!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Technical Issues

 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 06

If you buy the game from an official partnership with Rockstar Games, there will be lots of updates and the majority of bugs will be fixed quickly. The game will become bugged when you play a pirated version or when you just try too many game modes in a short period of time. To mention some funny bugs, there is the Phone Glitch – this will happen when you answer the phone and you are underwater, on jetpack or parachute. The dialog will just skip quickly.

     Another funny one will be the Paramedic Glitch – this sometimes happens during gang wars, when ambulance is coming: there are so many corpses on the street and they are just vanishing, yet the paramedic from the car will still be doing his job and move his hands on the ground like checking vital signs although there is nobody there.

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Available on: PC, Xbox, PS4, Android

Game Platform: Steam

Publishment year: 2005

Gengre: Action, Adventure