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God of War is the newest release from the hack & slash series of action games developed and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. With the specific visual quality of its publisher’s brand, the game is coming with a series of RPG elements and an adventurous atmosphere that, altogether, immerse the players into the game world and engage him into the most spectacular combats and landscaping experiences.

 Released in 20 April 2018, God of War is bringing several new powerful bosses to defeat during impressive battles accompanied by an excellent soundtrack composed by Bear McCreary, the same American creator of some of the most popular and awarded TV series, including Outlander, Eureka, The Walking Dead and many others.

God of War Story

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If you are a fan of Greek and north mythology, this game is certainly for you, as it will attract you into a complex storyline set in a Greek land, after Olymp has been destroyed and several Gods and heroes have been defeated and killed. In God of War, the story will take you to meet all the gods and creators, talking and taking advices from them – and that’s not all! You will have to fight some of them! This game is all about power and how strong your character, Kratos, can become. Kratos is a Spartan warrior, who will try to seek revenge after the death of his wife and daughter, because of the pact he had previously made with the god of war, Ares, a pact making him stronger but also darkening his mind and forcing him to do regretted things.  

So with vengeance and berserk pulsing on his neck veins, Kratos and his remaining son, Atreus, will start a journey of killing everyone who tries to stop them and making alliance with some other gods. He will be banished by Zeus into the underworld but that will not stop him. He will start making his way up, traveling from one land and realm to another, fighting all kind of creatures. Finding relics, treasures and one day even the box of Pandora that will change everything for him, Kratos and his adventures ill take you through a mythological journey among the most spectacular times of a virtual Greece.  

God of War Mechanics

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The fighting system map, puzzles and effects are similar to Prince of Persia and Dark Souls. Your hero will be able to pick up things around the environment and throw them into the enemies. Launching light and heavy attacks will make him gain combo points, which will offer the possibility for him to perform an extraordinary powerful strike that will instantly kill his enemies. Through Kratos, you will be able to dodge hits, jump, throw weapons and use them in epic combats, climb, swim and so many others actions, all in a mesmerizing detailed visual representation. Your character i’ll also have the ability to cast spells such as thunderstorms, in order to kill monsters when there are too many surrounding him.

 Graphics are offering three dimensional effects, while the sounds will keep you in the game trance, and apart from the complexity of weapons such as double blades with chains and magic runes to update equipment and items used, or such as fire and ice boosts for more power in attacks and battles, God of War will also offer a great control of movement and a very helpful ally in every combat – Atreus, who will be controlled partially by the player using a side button in order to shoot arrows and improve skills, experience and abilities just like his father.

God of War Modes

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The game is coming in a single-player mode, for the most enjoyable and immersive experience with all the mechanics and story elements that will enhance the journey of your character, Kratos.

God of War Technical Issues

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Upon some of the issues reported about the gameplay of God of war, there have been encountered some quest bugs, a few Glitches in the moment of The River Pass, some bugs with the artifacts and other similar ones. But overall, the technical performance of the game is satisfying and the audiovisual layers are more immersive than ever.

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Available on: PlayStation 4

Game Platform: Official Website

Publishment year: 2018

Gengre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure