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Bloodborne description

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 After the amazing series of Dark Souls, Bloodborne is coming as a spiritual successor, developed by the same director of the same development team: From Software. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on the official website, Bloodborne is a new role playing game with fantasy, horror and action elements inserted for an intense gameplay in a visually enhanced virtual world.

     The most notable award, amongst others, published on the 24th March of 2005, is the BAFTA Games Award for Audio Achievement and for Game Design, so expect a beautifully designed world with a great soundtrack to captivate your time in the world of Bloodborne.

Bloodborne Story

Bloodborne 06

     The settings of the Bloodborne world are presenting the lands of dark fantasy inspired from the 19th century designs. Introducing the players into a Victorian architecture of quasi-medieval nature, the Bloodborne story becomes different from other releases of the same developers even from this initial scenario.

     This time, Bloodborne is taking you to the city of Yharnam, here a mysterious evil virus is transforming people into terrifying beasts suffering from madness, and the citizens are stuck in this unwelcoming situation of the metropolis, not being able to run or to do anything in order to stop it. Threatening to become the grave of the humanity, Yharnam is immersed in hidden paths, traps, blind alleys and shortcuts, which your character will need to explore, as the objective of the Bloodborne story will be discovering all the mysteries regarding the imprisoned city and investigating about the responsible forces of this spreading and horrible apocalypse.

Bloodborne Mechanics

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     As it follows the path and inspiration coming from the Dark Souls series, the mechanics of game will definitely be a familiar element for those who have already explored previous apparitions from FromSoftware developers, while for the newcomers ho directly wish to jump into the world of Bloodborne are going to find an intuitive interface and a third-person perspective regarding the role playing game that will come with the most challenging combat systems and, just like Dark Souls, a high level of difficulty in defeating the enemies and unveiling the mysteries on which the game legend is based.

      At the same time, the game is innovating ith the 1900’s vibe among the Yharnam city, which will open several possibilities for the players to choose more options and make more creative decisions, due to ne implementations by the development team into the gameplay structure. Indeed starting by creating the looks and powers of your hero, the game will offer your character to different weapons to equip by choosing from a wide variety, including firearms for the left hand, with a greatly balanced power due to a long reload time, and a melee weapon in the right hand, which will have so many ways and combos to be used in that you might sometimes feel overwhelmed by the multitude of decisions you are free to take in the universe of Bloodborne – but it will certainly be an enjoyable experience due to the quests and challenges that will make even the best players encounter some failures before understanding the difficult level of the ne release. An innovation in the mechanics of Bloodborne, your hero will not be holding a shield for defense, so in order to survive in crisis situations you will need to develop your quick counterattacks, your parries and your dodges.

Bloodborne Modes

Bloodborne 05

     Bloodborne is coming in a single-player mode, just as the Dark Soul series, but is also offering a multiplayer mode for more help in the encountered missions and in fighting dangerous bosses and enemies, here up to 5 players will be able to play together against the mysteries and opponents of Yharnam’s universe.

Bloodborne Technical Issues

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     While no major technical issues have made the game unplayable – which is a positive aspect for the development team, just as it as for the Dark Souls predecessor series – upon the minor problems encountered during gameplay, e can mention some few frame drops, animations not fitting damage, different stats for the same enemies and some rare game breaking bugs at the launch of Bloodborne. Yet, some of these few problems were also solved and no ensure a smooth experience.

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Avalibe on: PlayStation 4

Publishment year: 2015

Gengre: Action, RPG, Fantasy